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Transform Your Home with Our Cutting-Edge Smart Home Solutions

Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostats, Smart Climate Control & Home Automation

Elevate your living experience in Orange County, Florida, with Burton Smart Home and Security Systems' innovative smart home solutions. Transform how you interact with your home through smart lighting systems that adjust to your moods and schedules, offering convenience and energy efficiency. Embrace the future with smart thermostats and climate control systems, ensuring optimal comfort in every room of your house.

Our home automation services integrate various home devices, allowing seamless control and enhanced security. Residents in our service areas can now enjoy a fully connected and responsive home environment, all easily managed from your fingertips.

If you’d like to have a smart home service (smart lighting, smart thermostats, smart climate control & home automation) installed in your home, please note that a security system is required.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Experience brighter possibilities with smarter lighting controls and a fully-integrated system that puts your home’s controls in one easy-to-use location–your phone. Ditch the remotes and manual dimmers for smart lighting under your complete control.

Smart Thermostats & Climate Control

Smart Thermostats & Climate Control

Stay comfortable on your property in the Florida heat and humidity this season. You don’t have to worry about secret temperature adjustments when you have access right in your hand. We’ll save you energy, peace of mind, and time with a new climate control solution.

Home Automation

Home Automation

Experience tomorrow's smart home technology in your home today. Compatible with both Alexa and Google Home voice assistants, we install media control systems for music, multimedia, lights, climate control, and security. Get everything you need and more–all connected to your favorite smart speaker.

Welcome to the Burton family. Don't forget to set your alarm.

Find Safe Home Security Systems & Convenient Home Automation Tools

We’re proud to provide all your home security, automation, and monitoring services in one central place. Work with Burton for a stronger peace of mind and safer property protection methods.


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